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Educational Workshops

around the world in 6 strokes

The Tomato Industrial Museum invites you to experience the age-old techniques of origami and kirigami. Their roots are lost in the depths of Asia and can be found in Japan since the 6th century!

The corresponding Greek word for origami is kartopilotiki (ori=to fold, kami=paper) and refers to the construction of a three-dimensional shape by folding one or more papers, without the use of glue or scissors.

Kirigami is a variant of origami that involves paper cutting (kiru=cut, kami=paper). This is also based on the folding philosophy, which, however, unfolds after cuts and reveals impressive symmetrical designs

Educated Japanese used to communicate with each other by letters which they folded elaborately or decorated their envelopes with notches. The idea that they can produce such impressive shapes by folding or cutting a single piece of paper quickly excited the world, who continued to show their interest in more and more complex designs as well as materials (fabric, thin metal sheets, etc.)

Soon these techniques became formal gifts on special occasions such as birth or marriage. Today origami and kirigami are widespread techniques and a source of creativity and fun.

Come and experience Japan’s 3D and perforated artworks and try to make our own!!


Saturday, March 11


Sunday, March 12


Children of grades A, B, C 16.00-17.30


Children of classes A, B, C of Primary School 10.30-12.00


Children of classes D, E, C of Primary School 18.00-19.30


Children of classes D, E, C of Primary School 12.30-14.00

Dear Parents,

We remind you that for the needs of the last art workshop in April, each child will absolutely need to have with them a clear, clean PLASTIC package of laundry detergent or fabric softener or a plastic package of dishwashing detergent or other household cleaners.
Footnote: Ideally the packages should also have a handle. No paper packaging!
Thank you very much!

Participation is free and is ensured by the timely telephone communication of the parent at 22860 85141 daily 10.00-16.00 except Monday and Tuesday.

Up to 20 children per section. First come first served.
Workshop coordinators: Eleni Palle, Lydia Karagiannidis