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Educational Workshops

Bringing fairy tales to life

The Industrial Tomato Museum is starting a workshop for storytellers of school and preschool age. Fairy tales new, old and improvised are ready to be brought to life, illustrated and directed by the children – storytellers of the workshop.

Through our meetings the children will have the opportunity to:

-To expand their world of experiences by giving them information about their cultural heritage in a natural way
– To feed and develop their imagination
-Enrich their vocabulary
– To strengthen their narrative ability and expression
-Strengthen their ability to concentrate, in a very fun way!

Each month is dedicated to a fairy tale. The program structure contains:
Creative storytelling
Visual arts (illustrating a fairy tale, making costumes)
Dramatization (theatrical play, musical movement – ​​ORFF system)

The workshop is aimed at elementary and preschool children.

Duration: 14 October – 19 May

Cost: €50

Classes: every Saturday 11:00-13:00.

The number of participants in each class is limited.
Participation is ensured by timely telephone communication of the parent.
Tomato Industrial Museum, Santorini Art Factory 2286085141, Wednesday to Sunday 10:00-16:00

The program in detail:
Fairy tales:

Title: Oh Octopus Wrong Leg
Author: Antonis Papatheodoulou
Project: The sea and its bottom

Title: The Chained Elephant
Author: Jorge Bucai
Project : Jungle animals

Title: the 89 dolmades
Author: Evgenios Trivizas
Project : Creative writing

Title: The magic flute
Author: Youla Michael
Project: Friendship

Title: Chikijik and Krikikrik
Author: Kostas Magos
Project : Diversity

Title: Irini Aristophanes
Author: Chrysanthi Karaiskou
Project: Peaceful War.