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Educational Workshops

Bringing fairy tales to life

Τhe Tomato Industrial Museum is starting a workshop for story-tellers of school and pre-school age. Past, new and improvised fairy tales are ready to come to life, to be illustrated and to be directed by the children/story-tellers of the workshop.

Through our workshop children will get the opportunity to:
-Expand their experiences, receiving information about their cultural heritage through a natural process
-To feed and develop their imagination
-To enrich their vocabulary
-To empower their descriptive skill and expression
-To strengthen their ability to concentrate, through a very entertaining process!

Every month is dedicated to one fairy-tale. The structure of the program includes:
Creative narration
Art (costume production and story-line illustration)
Drama (theatrical games, musical education – Orff Approach)

The workshop is for children of school and pre-school age.

Workshop director: Artemis Tsiagklani
Graduate of Pedagogical Department of Pre-school education from the University of Thessaly, majoring in Musical Pedagogy
Attended seminars on Carl Orff music education at the Polytechno, as well as seminars on theatrical education.
2 years of work experience in the field of pre-school education.
Organized multiple educational workshops for children.

The program in detail:
Fairy tales:

Title: Oh Octapus wrong foot
Writer: Papatheodoulou Antonis
Project: The Sea and the seabed

Title: The elephant in chains
Writer: Jorge Bucay
Project: Animals of the jungle

Title: The 89 small stuffed vineleaves
Writer: Evgenios Trivizas
Project: Creative Writing

Title: The magic flute
Writer: Gioula Michail
Project : Friendship

Title: Tzikitzik and Krikikrik
Writer: Kostas Magos
Project : Diversity

Title: Peace by Aristophanes
Writer: Chrisanthi Karaiskou
Project : Peace and war