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Educational Workshops

Bringing paintings to life – Juan Miro

The Spanish-born Juan Miró was one of the first surrealists. A great artist who relied on childhood innocence and sincerity to create playful images with a special visual language that comes from prehistoric times and the sources of nature.
For our first meeting this year we chose one of his most representative works. Together we will bring to life the abstract forms of the painting “The Garden”, since as he himself said, everything has life.

Dates: October 13 & 14
Saturday 16:30-18:00
Sunday 10:30-12:00, 12:30-14:00

Participation is ensured by the timely telephone communication of the parent on the phone 22860 85141 Tuesday – Sunday 10.00-18.00.
Up to 20 children per section. First come first served.
Workshop coordinators: Eleni Palle, Lydia Karagiannidis