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Communication Seminar: How to communicate effectively with others

Communication Seminar: How to communicate effectively with others

The program has been completed

Every Saturday in February, 11.30 – 13.30 (01-29/02/2020)

This seminar is aimed at adults who want to improve the way they communicate with others (verbally and non-verbally) either on a personal or work level.

THE GOAL is for the participants to learn to communicate appropriately with others at any given moment, to learn how they can deal with the obstacles that arise, to use their speech and body language effectively. To learn how they can give their interlocutor and consequently the relationship the “image” they desire. In short, to be able to develop skills to improve interpersonal relationships, both on a personal and professional level.

Each participant during the seminar will learn basic and necessary techniques for communication, which he will be able to apply directly in his daily life. He will realize how many ways he communicates beyond words. He will learn about the obstacles and mistakes that occur in personal and work relationships and how he can manage them with appropriate techniques. He will understand the way communication happens, what the truth is and how misunderstandings arise.

The methodology of the seminar is based on theory and experiential exercises. The teaching method is understandable, pleasant and with a good dose of humor, a result of the training of the seminar coordinator, Gogos Agianniotakis (mental health counselor & life coach) in the Netherlands and Greece.

The seminar will be completed in five two-hour meetings every Saturday in February 11:30-13:30.

Seminar cost €70


For information and participation call 22860 85141, 10.00 – 14.00 daily, at, as well as at 695 181 7881 &