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Educational Workshops

Craft Studio

For children 9- 15 

Cutting – sewing – macrame – loom

The Tomato Industrial Museum is creating a new section for children aged 9-15. In the Craft Studio, children will learn the techniques of cut-sewing, macrame and loom in a fun way and adapted to their interests.

We learn to make bags, jewelry, clothing decoration, etc.

Engaging with these techniques is a great opportunity for children to see their creativity put into practice.

The learning process:

significantly strengthens concentration and memory
it sharpens our perception of the textures that surround us
we discover our personal aesthetics
we raise awareness about traditional handicrafts
we strengthen our self-confidence

Every Saturday

Laboratory manager: Kritikou Sophia

The number of participants in each class is limited. Participation is free and is ensured by the timely telephone communication of the parent.

Tomato Industrial Museum, Santorini Art Factory 2286085141, Wednesday to Sunday 10:00-16:00