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Educational Workshops

Educational Visit from students of University of Colorado (U.S.A.)

October 18, 2023

Students from the University of Colorado explore the World of Tomatoes at the Innovative Industrial Tomato Museum “D.Nomikos”

Students from the University of Colorado had the opportunity to explore the amazing world of the tomato during their visit to the Tomato Industrial Museum “D. Nomikos”. The excursion took place under the auspices of the University of Colorado and was an unforgettable experience of knowledge, gastronomy and creativity.

The students were guided through the museum’s variety of exhibits, related to the history of the island, the cultivation and use of the tomato in cultural tradition and preservation of cultural heritage. From the unprecedented agriculture of the Santorini tomato to its evolution as one of the most popular foods in the world, students discovered valuable information.

The highlight of their visit was their participation in an interactive cooking workshop where they had the opportunity to learn more about the preparation of traditional pelt. The students created a delicious paste, with the museum’s recipe, that reflects the variety and rich flavor of the tomato.

The participating students left the Tomato Museum with unique souvenir photos and local flavors that will travel with them back to their place. This educational experience enhanced their knowledge and appreciation of the tomato as an important element in diet and culture.

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