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Educational Workshops

Exploring the Deaf Country – Seminar for children

But how does a deaf speak on the phone How does he know that he has visits to the house to open the door ? What school do they go and what they are learning ? The deaf speak with their hands! The language of the Deaf is the Signal. Do you want to know what the signal language is? If so, come to learn these and other answers by playing and talking with our hands! Come and discover together the Deaf people and their language, the Signal! Come and learn to speak without voice and without sound!

Saturday 24 February 12.00-13.30 for primary school children

Workshop leader: Katerina Stamoulou The number of participants in each class is limited.
Participation is free of charge and is ensured by early parental phone communication.
Tomato Industrial Museum, Santorini Arts Factory 2286085141, Tuesday to Sunday 10: 00-16: 00


Few words for Aikaterini Stamoulou:

In 2001 Aikaterini Stamoulou has begun the courses of Greek Sign Language and was charmed by the Sign Language, which is full of movement and expression. Since then she has been actively involved in the community of Deaf of Patras and later of Athens.

In 2007 she started to run a new Greek Sign Language School successfully, where he got a lot of cognitive and personal skills.

In 2008, she started delivering Semantics courses to teachers and students. It was the beginning to discover how much she likes to teach the Sign Language. Today, she also undertakes to train the top level of interpreters.

In 2009, she runs the Department of the Deaf Federation in Patras, covering the needs of interpretation in the Peloponissos, Mesologi, Nafpaktos and Agrinio. At the same time, she directs and teaches at a private Seminary School as well as undertakes to sensitize potential doctors in collaboration with the non-governmental, non-profit organization of doctors, Helmsic. Finally, she graduated from the Department of Engineer in Infrastructure from the Technological Education Institute of Patras.

In 2011 she participates in a program for the exchange of young deaf and audience, in France, and during the next two years, as she discovers her talent to communicate internationally with Deaf, she represents and accompanies the Greek team in the Czech Republic as project manager (theatrical and cultural projects). At the same time, she works at a Seminary School in Athens while preparing for the level of interpretation.

In 2013 she becomes an official interpreter of the Hellenic Sign Language, with a basic choice of work, interpretations at the University of Athens and Volos.

In 2017 she graduated from a specific program of the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education in Athens, and is a candidate as a special education teacher for EPAL and special education teacher in Technical High Schools.

The awareness of Sign Language and the Deaf has not ceased to interest her and that’s why she organizes a short trip to the world of the deaf and their language wherever she is, thus generously sharing her knowledge and experiences of her own journey.