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Educational Workshops


After 20 years, Isabella Galaiou, returns to her place of origin, Santorini, to teach the art of Flamenco to children and adults, for the first time in our island.

An acclaimed dancer and dance teacher, having as permanent partners the top names of Spanish artists, she maintains and runs for decades in Athens the “Compania Flamenca Sentimientos”, which is the most important organization regarding the teaching, training and spreading the original and traditional form of the art of Flamecno in our country.

Teaching will be done through the basic lessons of “Letra, Palmas y Baile” (Singing, Clapping and Dancing) and its target is the acquaintance of the participants with the history and culture of the Andalusian art of Flamenco.

The lesson will present and teach fhe form of Andalusian “fiesta”, where all sing and clap their hands in the characteristic multirythm way.  The aim of the lesson is to teach the participants the “letra” and the “estribillio” (chorus verse) of a song, and also to be able to understand it rhythmically, and so accompany it by clapping their hands and dancing in the authentic way, based on the exact and proper expression of movements.

At the end of the seminar, the participants will be awarded Certificates of Attendance by the “Compania Flamenca Sentimientos”.

Satuday 6 February  Sunday 7 February
16.00-17.00 for children 10.30 -11.30 for children
 17.30-19.00 for adults 12.00-13.30 for adults


Participation is free and must be ensured by parents calling the following numbers 22860 85141, 6971828108 (between 10.00-16.00). Maximum number 20 children per class.

Since places are limited they will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.