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Educational Workshops

Give voice to my body



Experiential Music Workshop based on voice and rhythm.

Traditional songs and rhythms become the starting point for exploring basic aspects of music (melody, rhythm). In a pleasant context with games and various music-motor activities, children are invited to discover their voice through individual and group singing. To express themselves and develop their imagination by improvising. Emphasis is placed on the connection of music with movement as well as the creative musical use of everyday objects, e.g. plastic bottles, papers, pebbles etc. The aims of the workshop are to entertain and socialize the children, develop their vocal and rhythmic skills, cultivate their creativity and imagination and of course to awaken the love for the musical tradition of our country .

The music workshop is aimed at primary school children.

In May there will be a presentation of the children’s work.


Days and Hours

Saturday 19/3

Sunday 20/3


For children in grades D-E-S’ Elementary
First section 16.00-17.30
Second Section 18.00-19.30

For children in grades A-B-C of Primary School
First section 10.30-12.00
Second section 12.30-14.00

Contributors: Stella Chronaiou, Irini Charitaki

Participation is free and is ensured by the timely telephone communication of the parent on the following telephone numbers 22860 85141, 6971828108, hours 10.00-16.00, except Mondays.
Up to 15 people per section. First come first served.