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Educational Workshops


Our world through the eyes of the Greek painters Yiannis Moralis, Yiannis Gaitis, Pavlos Dionisopoulos, Yiannis Kottis, Dimitris Mitaras, Alekos Fasianos and Santorini native Opy Zouni.

Our world is colourful and geometric, with the gates and steps created by Zouni leading to the paper forest by Pavlos and the roller skates and bicycles by Kottis.


Please be quiet so you can hear the birds by Fasianos twittering and the humans created by Gaitis, Mytaras and Moralis whispering…

You will also hear our chatter, and we have said a whole lot with our brushes and hands.

Welcome to our world!


The Santorini Arts Factory wishes to be a place of culture, a hospitable space for each and every one of you. We take great care in being up to date with all the broad range of the educational seminars and for us to be able to offer them to you as it is our firm belief that experiencing art and culture is a right for everyone. Through our effort to broaden and renew our activities, has driven us to create a series of seminars for both children and adults. In this way, children are able to get in touch with their creative side, with a tailor made approach of presentation, focusing on the living experience. Through our seminars, children have the chance to feed and develop their imagination, to broaden their vocabulary, to expand their narrative skills and form of expression, to significantly work on their memory, to make them aware of their traditions and to enhance their self-confidence. Culture is a unique form of renewing the traditional approach in educating as it introduces new material, new methodology and activities, that make children a lot more active, curious and significantly more intrigued in learning. The artistic approach to educating develops the expression of oneself, the development of their character and is connected the more holistic approach in educating which is more relevant than ever.

This year we completed the following seminars:

Art seminars, Musical & kinetic seminars, singing, Seaming and sewing, sign language seminars, arts & crafts seminars, theatrical seminars with toys, lectures and informative talks for parents, musical visits to the local home for the elderly, musical seminars for children with special needs while also taking part in the art competition organised by the Museum of Cycladic Art.

We ask you to join us in our quest for knowledge and creativity.