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Educational Workshops


Our world seen through the eyes of the Greek visual artists Yannis Moralis, Yannis Gaitis, Pavlos Dionysopoulos, Yannis Kottis, Dimitris Mitaras, Alekos Fasianos and our own Opis Zounis.

Our world, geometric and colorful, with Zouni’s magical gates and steps that lead to Paul’s paper forest with Kotti’s skates and bicycles.


Be quiet and you will hear the birds of Pheasant chirping and the people of Gaitis, Mytaras and Moralis whispering…
But you will also hear our own chats, and we said a lot with our brushes and hands this year.

So welcome to our world! 


The Santorini Arts Factory wishes to be a place of culture, welcoming to all. We make sure that we are systematically informed about the ever-expanding range of educational activities and offer it to you, since we believe that the experience of contact with art and culture is everyone’s right. Our effort to enrich and constantly renew the actions of our space, led us to create workshops for young and old.

In this way, children get in touch with their creative side in a way adapted to their needs, based on experiential experience. Through the meetings, the children have the opportunity to feed and develop their imagination, enrich their vocabulary, strengthen their narrative ability and expression, significantly strengthen their concentration and memory, become aware of tradition and to boost their self-confidence. 

Culture proved through renewal of standard classical learning and introduces new content, new approach and new activities, which make students more active, more curious and which stimulate their mood to learn. Art education enhances self-expression, personality development and meets today’s demand for holistic education.

During the past year we have carried out:

visual arts workshops, musical movement workshops, singing workshops, cutting-sewing workshops, sign language seminars, craft workshops, theater play workshops, talks and parent counseling, musical bengers at the Thira nursing home, musical workshops for children with special needs and we participated in the Museum’s visual arts competition Cycladic Art.

We invite you to join us on a journey of knowledge and creativity.