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Educational Workshops

Meeting Greek Painters

The Santorini Arts Factory is starting a new season of visual art workshops. The theme for the workshop is inspired from 7 contemporary Greek Painters.

This year we will see our world through a more modern point of view, accompanied by artists Dionisopoulos, Kottis, Mitaras, Moralis, Gaitis, Fasianos, and Zouni.
The works of these contemporary artists will be the pretext for our discovery of a new way to look at and take in the beautiful things that surround us.Drawing inspiration from their creation, like the people of Gaitis, the ships of Mitaras etc., we will learn different techniques and ways to compose a piece of art, while working with abstract concepts and shapes, like the ones that characterise the work of these painters.

14 &15 October – Pavlos Dionisopoulos
4 & 5 November- Giannis Kottis
9 & 10 December – Dimitris Mitaras
20 & 21 January – Giannis Moralis
3 & 4 February – Giannis Gaitis
10 &11 March – Alekos Fasianos
21 & 22 April – Opy Zouni

An exhibition of the children’s works of art will take place in 19th-20th of May.