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Educational Workshops


The museum-kits were designed with the aim of bringing the world of museums closer to the children. Two museum-kits, suitcases  travelling as silent ambassadors of education and civilization, arrive in SAF on 20th November.  They are accompanied by artistic and theatrical workshops and dance, creating a unique interactive travel through time.

The Cycladic Culture museum-kit covers the subject of Cycladic culture and contains audiovisual and printed material as well as copies of representative works from the Cycladic Art Museum collection, such as marble vessels and figurines.  It enables the children to get acquainted with the Cycladic civilization.

The Ancient Pottery museum-kit contains copies of  vases together with other educational material  and helps children learn about the basic ways Greek clay vases were made and the various pottery styles and decoration techniques of ancient pottery, as well as the different names and shapes of vases and their use.


Facilitators: Ismini Chantzi, Maria Kavalieri

Every Thursday for schools and every Friday 16.00-18.00 for the general public.

Participation is free and must be ensured by parents calling to the following numbers 22860 85141, 6971828108, between 10.00-16.00, exept Mondays.

Maximum number 15 participants per class. Since places are limited they will be alocated on a first-come first-served basis.