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Educational Workshops

Music has no barriers and is a language we can all speak.

Workshop for teachers and adults.

Exploring music in its artistic, educational, and therapeutic form.

In this workshop we will try to discover the properties of music through playing, and to traverse paths that, as a result, bring us expression and communication.

The energetic participation, the choice of musical instruments, the coordination between members of the team will bring forward unexplored emotions and a variety of ways of communicating.

Lastly, the joy of “playing music” emerges to help us vent, and soothe our body and mind.


Thematic sections of the music workshop

1st part: Musical instruments. We discover and play with the instruments.

2nd part: The body and the voice. We discover and play music with our body and voice.

3rd part: Objects. We discover and play with random objects.

4th part: A little, big composition. We create our own composition with instruments, body, voice, and objects.

Dates 25 November 10 February 03 March 31 March

Saturday:17.00 – 19.00


Cost: 10€

Νo previous musical experience is required. We recommend that participants wear comfortable clothes and bring any instrument they might have. Participation must be ensured by parents calling to the following numbers 22860 85141, 6971828108 (Wednesday to Sunday between 10.00-16.00) Maximum number 20 children per class. Since places are limited they will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Facilitator: Michail Tompler