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Educational Workshops


Musical workshop for children on the broad autistic spectrum. The workshop is mainly for children aged 6-8 and 9-12 years and their parents.


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The Onassis Cultural Centre workshop “music loves autism” , travels for the second year  in ten cities across Greece including  old and new destinations ,  this time with  the support of OPAP. SA
Tenth and last stop for this year is Santorini. In collaboration with SAF (Santorini Arts Factory)  and the assistance of the Special Elementary School Thera, the  Onassis Cultural Centre is organizing a music workshop with musical activities specially designed to adapt to individual desires and abilities of children.
The opportunities for the education of the senses and enhancement of the aesthetic criterion of the   children in the autistic spectrum  remain poor. The need for an education of the senses of children with autism spectrum disorder is under-recognized. The workshop primarily aims to provide for this need, which should be an integral element of the educational experience of each child.

For children on the broad spectrum of autism, music  is one of the most important tools of learning which can motivate them, enabling them to interact with their environment, develop communication skills and obtain positive experiences (through music) in a personal as well as family level.  Music can help them function as a means of developing social skills and emotional maturity for people with autism.  This workshop invited children to come into contact with music and rhythm, through creative games and musicokinetic acting.   At first the children get to know the space and the musicians.  In this safe environment, they experiment with musical instruments, producing sounds.  During the workshop, and in collaboration with our team, these young musicians take part in various improvisational games based on music.
In this workshop,  music becomes the “language” of communication, even in the absence of speech. Through sounds, the game and the alternating roles, children are invited to sense their own bodily existence, to express what they feel and to get to know and experience many different types of music.
The workshop will be contacted by a specialized team led by musicologist and music therapist Christina Panagiotakou.
The Training Program meets one of the key elements of the Mission of the  Onassis Cultural Centre   : “… education for children and lifelong learning for people of all ages, in an open and accessible to all place.”
At the core of the educational policy of the Onassis Cultural Centre  is to facilitate access to contemporary art in general and in the artistic program of the Onassis Cultural Centre in particular, through workshop programs, thereby facilitating the more in depth knowledge  in specific subject areas.
We want to operate in addition to the school and university educational system, providing vocational training elements. One of the priorities of the Onassis Cultural Centre  is to design and provide important social services to specific audiences and to reach broad demographic groups. Through this process, we aim to inspire the  citizens ‘tomorrow’, forming an essential bridge between the Onassis Cultural Centre  and the overall community of the Onassis Foundation.
The Onassis Cultural Centre , is  open to all, and offers workshops within and outside its boundaries , in Attica and Regional areas , in primary and secondary schools seeking an effective cooperation with the school community, which aims to link with the curriculum and the gradual formation of a more informed and receptive to new trends public. The  independent programmes for individual visitors, families, children and adolescents, there is  emphasis in Greek tradition and in developing  skills through graphic design programs, film, photography, journalism, but also in new topics such as health and nutrition. For adults and specific target groups, the Onassis Cultural Centre  proposes programs for children belonging to the spectrum of autism, people with and without disabilities, for prison inmates, patients in hospitals, but also for people over 65 years. Numerous workshops and seminars are organized, related to the artistic program (Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance),  aiming in the continuous training, contact and familiarity of small and large concepts of contemporary art and information about broader issues of our era.
– 25.000 students and teachers
– 700 schools from Attica and Regional areas
– 20 different programs for primary and secondary schools
– 50+ workshops on the artistic program of the Onassis Cultural Centre
– 20 seminars for professionals from the fields of arts
– 30 discussions after the performances for the general public
– 45 multi-meeting workshops for children, teenagers, families, people over 65 and people with and without disabilities
The charitable Foundation Alexander S. Onassis was established in December 1975 in accordance with the desire of Aristotle Onassis, in the name of his son Alexander Onassis. Foundation Priorities include culture, education and social solidarity. Among its actions in education, there is special emphasis on scholarships to Greek students for   doctoral and postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad , and also to foreigners for postgraduate studies and research in Greece (as long as the object of study relates to Greek culture). Until today, a total of about 6,300 scholarships, have been granted.
In relation to educational institutions in the country, the Onassis Foundation supports :
– Primary and secondary school education units, which are either in deprived urban areas or in remote and border areas with teaching materials and technological equipment (more than 600 sponsorships)
– The important work of special schools and special classes, with the donation of books, equipment and teaching aids to facilitate the educational effort of teachers
– Greek universities to undertake research programs, strengthening libraries and university  publications  and supply of technological equipment and support materials
In addition, the Foundation assists in the effort of Greek students to excelabroad. In 2015 it paid the expenses  of participation of Greek groups in scientific or International Balkan Olympiads.
The Foundation also financially supports departmental seats in universities , also  departments or programs in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia, where Greek studies are taught. Considering their contribution  and acknowledging the financial difficulties they face, it supports  statutory Greek university curricula that exhibit  important and constant  work. It also  supports, classic primary and secondary schools in Europe and the US, where the ancient Greek language and the ancient Greek civilization, are taught.
Friday, May 27, 2016:
The first meeting is for parents
Parents of children 6 -8 years: 17.00-18.30
Parents of children 9-12 years: 18.30-20.00
Saturday, the 28th and Sunday, May 29, 2016: Each child accompanied by a parent
Children 6-8 years belonging to the wide range of autism and their parent, Hours: 10: 00-12: 00
Children 9-12 years belonging to the wide range of autism and their parent, Hours: 12: 00-14: 00
Additional actions:   Saturday, May 28 at 19.00, an adult experiential workshop will be held for a limited number of people.
The workshop is addressed primarily to people working in the field of education and consists of a series of musical activities carried out during the “music loves autism” programme .   Concepts of music such as speed, pause, rhythm, timbre are the basic components of the workshop and participants are invited to play and take on the role of the child and the parent.
Requirements:  Participation is free, on a first-come, first-served basis. The presence of parents is essential in all three sessions of the workshop.
22860 85141, 6971 828108, 10: 00-16: 00 every day except Monday. The telephone reservation ensures participation in the music workshop and experiential adult laboratory.
Place: Santorini Arts Factory, Vlychada Beach, Santorini

With the kind support opap

OPAP SA, through targeted actions is implementing its CSR program, in order to bring back hope to young people and to give them a better future. To accomplish that , it undertakes large-scale initiatives that make a difference, meeting the real needs in three main axes, Health, Sports, Jobs.

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