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Educational Workshops

Οnce upon a time …

Historical meetings for teenagers and adults.

From the unique Strogyli to the impressive Santorini, through these historical meetings there will be an attempt to highlight different aspects of Santorini. In this journey we will always have historical sources and based on our discussions we will explore the past and look to the future. Really, where was the leprosy hospital in Santorini? Did you also know that the inhabitants of Thira, contributed to the establishment of the Athens Kapodistrian University? What does trachoma mean in Santorini?

Dates: Sundays 12:30-13:30

October 14,
November 4,
December 2,
January 27,
February 17,
March 10,
April 14.

The number of participants in each class is limited. Participation is ensured by contacting 2286085141 in time