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Educational Workshops

Pablo Picasso : “The three musiciens”

In this weekend’s art workshop we will be exploring Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘The Three Musicians’!

In this painting, which reaches up to 2 meters in height, Picasso through flat and intense lines and arcs gives life to three musicians! Three musicians? And whose tail is this?

Through tangled shapes you can distinguish a clarinet, some sheet music and of course a guitar, one of Picasso’s favorite subjects! Come to the workshop, let’s follow the maze of shapes and we will ask ourselves who does this hand, leg, mustache, shadow belong to?

Dates: 3&4 November

Sections: Saturday 16:30-18:00 Sunday 10:30-12:00, 12:30-14:00

Participation is ensured by the timely telephone communication of the parent at 22860 85141 Up to 20 children per section. Priority order of participation will be observed. Workshop coordinators: Eleni Palle, Lydia Karagiannidis