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Educational Workshops

Planet Physics – Interactive exhibition

What does “Plasma” mean to Physicists?

Can we use it to light a … lightsaber?

Can we create real lightning in a lab?

Can we play music without touching the instrument? 

Discover all the answers from March 4 to 10 at the TOMATO INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM!

We make Human Circuits, make matter float, make real snow and catch real clouds with our hands!

With the help of PLANET PHYSICS’ impressive exhibits and unique experiments,

we will realize that Physics… is a game! 


The idea for Planet Physics arose when its founder Mr. Konstantinos Triantafyllos, inspired by the EXPLORATORIUM of CALIFORNIA, wanted to create a scientific multi-space where knowledge becomes a game through experiential learning.

Using impressive interactive exhibits, some of which are particularly rare even at the European level (eg Ferrofluid), visitors learn fundamental concepts of Physics…by playing! 


From the 4th to the 10th of March 2019, the PLANET PHYSICS Mobile Exhibition will be in Santorini, at the “Tomato Industrial Museum” For one week, students will have the opportunity to interact with some of our most interesting exhibits and watch the more impressive Physics experiments in Greece!

The most impressive exhibits of the Permanent Exhibition were created anew, with the aim of joining our Mobile Exhibition and making them more accessible to the students of the province! 

By changing the distance between the magnets, we create impressive shapes in the ferromagnetic liquid. A unique exhibit in Greece, which exists in very few museums throughout Europe.

We present the students with the most impressive Physics experiments in Greece! Two excellent experimental demonstrations (“Cold Experiments”, with liquid Nitrogen and Quantum Suspension, with magnets and Superconductors), created in collaboration with the Union of Greek Physicists, will show children that Physics sometimes becomes… magical!

The duration of the program is 2 teaching hours.

During the first lesson, students explore the Interactive Exhibits, always under the guidance of specialized staff.

During the second lesson, students watch the most impressive physics experiments in Greece.

Before the start or after the end of the visit, students can take a guided tour of the premises of the Tomato Industrial Museum at no additional charge.

The cost of the visit amounts to 5 euros / student. 

It is a unique opportunity for students to visit the most impressive exhibits of the unique interactive Physics exhibition in Athens, and to watch the most impressive experiments in Greece, next to them, for a nominal fee!


Information and Reservations

Santorini Arts Factory

Vlychada beach

Tel: 22860 85141, 210 68 58 820