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Educational Workshops


Six visual arts workshops under the title
‘Getting acquainted with the great painters’

Santorini Arts Factory invites children, aged from six to eleven years old, who love painting, to take part in the visual arts workshop entitled ‘Getting acquainted with the great painters.
This specific initiative aims at the childrens’ acquaintance and familiarisation with contemporary art and the work of renowned artists, in particular with Picasso,  Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall and Alexis Akrithakis.
Every workshop starts with the presentation of the life of an artist, accompanied by a variety of projected visual aids, concerning the artist’s work artistic path. An open discussion – dialogue will follow, which will help children to understand, interpret, be inspired and finally reproduce works from their own perspective. They will create works which will express and simultaneously release their emotions, utilising different materials such as tempera, acrylic, water paints and visual arts techniques like painting, collage and constructions.

Facilitators: Maria Vasariotou – Art historian – Curator
Eleni Palle – Artistic therapist

        Presentation of Visual Arts Workshops
1st Cycle: Picasso  8-9 November 2014
2nd Cycle: Andy Warhol  17-18 January 2015
3rd Cycle: Henri Matisse  7-8 February 2015
4th Cycle: Paul Klee  7-8 March 2015
5th Cycle: Marc Chagall  4-5 April 2015
6th Cycle: Alexis Akrithakis  9-10 May 2015

Each workshop will be announced according to the children’s age. The number of attendance for each visual arts workshop is limited, thus the timely submission of participation is required.