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Educational Workshops

Yoga for children and families

The program has been completed

We are launching a new cycle of well-being and energy at the premises of the Tomato Industrial Museum: Yoga for children and families!

What is yoga for kids?

A program specially designed for children and their families that has only one goal: to be so fun that children want to come into contact with yoga again and again in any environment and wherever they find themselves!

In each of our lessons, through the poses (asana) of the warrior, the cobra, the sun and many others, we make stories with winds, mountains, windmills, suns spreading their rays, wild cats, nazi cats, stinging scorpions and so many still other roles. We transform into objects from everyday life, letters, abstract shapes, huge elephants showering us with their proboscis and turtles sleeping in their shells, into animals sleeping in harmony with each other and for that at the end we all shout a huge “Namaste” together and fill us with joy, love and harmony!

Through movement and imitation, our children live and recognize emotions. In each of our lessons we remove stress and learn to respect ourselves, nature as a whole and the environment we live in. Namaste!

The program is designed and carried out by Mrs. Anna Voganatsi. The first cycle will be completed in 8 sessions (October & November).

Anna Voganatsi is a Certified Psychokinetic Therapist active in Santorini since 2014 (S.A.F., D.A.P.P.O.S., Exo Gonia Elementary School, Scientific Manager and owner of the LEARN Center for Psychokinetic Education and Therapy TO MOVE).

She is a graduate of nursery school (TEI Ioannina) with postgraduate specialization in the development of cognitive and executive functions as well as in the field of neuro-rehabilitation in children (University of Rome). He has also conducted numerous seminars and supervisions (Sherbone, Yoga, Sensory Integration, Dysgraphia, Therapeutic evaluation, Vision, learning and autism, etc.).

Anna has offered support to typical children and to children with developmental disorders, in Greece and abroad.

Every Friday from 02/10 at

16.00 – 17.00 pm, for preschool children with their parents
17.15 – 18.15 pm, for primary school children with their parents

For information and participation call 22860 85141, 698 320 6196, 10.00 – 14.00 daily or at