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Sunday 18 October 2015 – Day Meeting

Santorini Arts Factory in collaboration with the” Estia Pyrgou Cultural Centre”,  “La Ponta”

and under the auspices of the Municipality of Thera, in conjunction with the “Society for the

Promotion of Studies on Prehistoric Thera”, organize a day meeting promoting the

excavations in Akrotiri, Thera. The aim of this day meeting is the financial support for the

continuation of the excavations and the operation of the restoration workshops of the

findings of this prehistoric settlement.

The prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri in Santorini is one of the most famous and most

important archaeological sites in the world, receiving thousands of visitors, honouring with

their presence  the international cultural heritage and global significance of the island while,

at the same time, enhancing  its touristic appeal.  However, in recent years, the economic

crisis resulted in the freezing of funds for the excavation and preservation of the archae

ological site, forcing restoration laboratories and workshops to close after 47 years of


The “Society for the Promotion of Studies on Prehistoric Thera” and its President, the

Emeritus Professor  of the Athens University and Director of Excavations Mr. Christos

Doumas, have tried throughout the financial crisis to ensure financial resources for the

operation of the restoration laboratories and workshops and the promotion of the

archeological site.

The event of 18th October aims to strengthen this endeavor, and for this reason all proceeds

of the day will be made available exclusively to the  “Society for the Promotion of Studies on

Prehistoric Thera”.  The response of the people in last year’s similar event, was very valuable

because, through their contributions, the laboratories and workshops were put into

operation again for several months.  The participation of all is essential this year.

We invite you on 18th October to the Santorini Arts Factory, in Vlychada beach, to a festival

celebrating the cultural aspect of Santorini.




ARTISTIC WORKSHOPS 16.00pm-18.00pm

Panayiotis Angelides “Wall Painting Workshop”

1260 Ceramic Studio “Wall Painting Workshop”


EXHIBITIONS 16.00pm-22.00pm

Christos Doumas: “55 years in Santorini”, photography exhibition

Alkis Voliotis “Akrotiri” , photography exhibition

Kleri Palivou “Timeless island civilizations: The case of Thirasia”



20.00-20.30 Live Music Session by Saen Switters

20.30 Lecture by Mr. Christos Doumas

21.00 Closing Session Yannis Pantazis, Thanasis Kleopas

“The musical notes of the Centuries/Akrotiri”

We would like to inform you that the  “Society for the Promotion of Studies on Prehistoric

Thera”  Art Shop will be open, exhibiting works of art available for sale.  A lottery will also

take place and a buffet will be available in aid of  the  “Society for the Promotion of Studies

on Prehistoric Thera”.  



Santorini Arts Factory

Estia Pyrgou Cultural Centre

La Ponta

Thira Municipality