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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Santorinι

Opening: 14:00

A global one-day motorcycle exhibition, to fundraise & raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health.

The exhibition started in 2010 in Australia, and it has evolved into a global event that takes place simultaneously in over 600 cities and 90 countries. Some of the most notable cities are New York, London, Milan, Sydney, Hawaii, Amsterdam, and many other large and small cities.
The main characteristic of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Santorini is the participation of the local community, the residents of Santorini, who while wearing their official outfits, ride their vintage or custom motorcycles around the island.

There is no entry fee. Fundraising takes place on with the following ways: donations towards the international organization, or donations to each rider separately.

Each rider that gather 200€ or more, receives a unique hand-knitted piece of clothing from the organization as a prize, created specifically for this event. Sign-ups for riders, sponsors, and mega-sponsors (businesses) are available at the above address.

The ride started in Santorini for the first time 2016, with 30 riders from various places in Greece and abroad like Naxos, Syros, England, Belgium, etc. In fact, at one of the stops of the first ride, we became witness of a marriage proposal between two of our participants. In 2017 we had 70 riders (two of whom were Canadians), and we hope to have even larger numbers this year.

Santorini so far has fundraised the largest amount of any Greek city (Athens, Thessaloniki, Herakleion, Patra, Ancient Olympia, etc.).

In 2017, our donations and sponsorships reached 2.556€, and in 2017 they were 5.300€. This year we hope to outraise previous years.
The event takes place legally with the permission of the Municipality of Thira, as well as a police and medical escort in case of emergency.

Check the requirements and sign up at and let’s all go… ON A MOTORCYCLE RIDE FOR A GOOD PURPOSE!