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The small island of Thirassia, kept largely intact from the modern chaotic development is the investigation of a multidisciplinary group of researchers of various disciplines (geologists, archaeologists, architects, social anthropologists, etc.) that aims to identify the space and the human presence from the first traces until recent times.
The research is part of the Thales Programme (ESPA), titled “Timeless, insular cultures: the case of Thirassia” and conducted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Crete, the Ionian University and the Institute for Research and Technology in Crete, in collaboration by U. Archaeological.

Event schedule

  • Presentation of the Project: Claire Palivou Iris Tzachili, Maya Efstathiou, Costas Smponias
  • Show snippets of the documentary “Fifteen” Zacharias Mavroidi, on the homonymous vow to the Virgin takes place every year in the monastery of the Assumption in Thirasia.
  • Music Event of Headset Quartet

Four musicians with long service in the musical traditions of Greece and the East, present a program with songs and instrumental tunes from Asia Minor, East Sea and the Arab world.
Martha Mavroidi: lute, voice
Stratis Psaradellis: kemence
George Chronopoulos: guitar
Giorgos Venturis: double bass