Let’s do it Greece

Τhe Tomato Industrial Museum “D.Nomikos” and the Santorini Arts Factory due to their perpetual support, to protect the extremely important geological environment of the island, they will participate and support the “Let’s do it greece 2018” action.

Based on the central slogan “ Be the change you are await for” after the General Organization and Guidance of the Municipality of Thira and “GeoThira”, we will participate in order to clean , first the beach of Vlychada and then greeted all the volunteers for a free tour of the Industrial Museum Tomato “D.Nomikos”. The aim is to clean the beach of Vlychada, disseminating at the same time the message of volunteerism and cooperation of the local society, so as to strengthen the connection between citizens, children and the environment. Dating on Sunday, April 29, at 11 o’clock at the beach of Vlychada. Let’s do it Santorini!