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20+20 for the twenties (Exhibition)

20 children’s artwork + 20 artists

for the 20 years of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art
Group art exhibition

The fascinating and unexpected visual conversation that was presented for the first time at the IANOS Art Gallery and the Benaki Museum in Athens, while it was then transferred to the Megaran Cultural Association “Theognis” and the Katsigra Art Gallery in Larissa, continues its journey at the Tomato Industrial Museum D. Lawyer in Santorini.
The group art exhibition “20 + 20 for 20”, is a reference to the independent value of the wonderful and adventurous visual world of children, a world with an aesthetic quality equal to that of adult artists, which needed, according to the words of the great modernists, “many years to re-learn to draw like children”.

The exhibition was held in the context of the celebration of the 20 years of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art, curated by Iris Kritikou, Vice President of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art, and is a dialogue between two-dimensional and three-dimensional works by children from the collections of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art and works important contemporary Greek artists. During the process of preparing the exhibition, the curator initially selected 20 children’s works of art from the Museum’s collections, taking into account the diversity in terms of subject matter, form, technique and materials used, as well as the direct or indirect connection with different movements art or artistic finds (art brut, abstraction, modernism, expressionism, objet trouvé, etc.). Then, for each child’s work, the work of an adult visual artist was selected, guided by the perspective of the coexistence and conversation of two seemingly different worlds with an unexpected yet harmonious organic dialogue.

The artists participating in the exhibition are: Spyros Angelopoulos, Ira Vlahaki, George Vorres, Leonidas Giannakopoulos, Georgia Damopoulou, Konstantinos Esslin, Theophilos Katsipanos, Kostas Lavdas, Panagiotis Marinis, Konstantinos Massos, Kyriakos Mortarakos, Georgia Bliatsou, Stelios Panagiotopoulos, Gevso Pap Adaki, George Saltaferos , Antonis Staveris, Marina Stellatou, Nota Tsitoura, Vaso Triga and Athena Hatzi.

The works from the collections of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art are signed by:
Christina Antonopoulou, Ira Vlahaki, Vasiliki Gerali, Althea Goga, Maria Damis and Efi Kanellopoulou, George Evdoxiadis, Zacharoula Katsoulaki, Dimitris Clark, Vangelis Kourtidis, Christos Moulas, Maximos Bolotas, Alkmini Nikopoulou-Existaris, Konstantina Skovolas, Konstantinos Sparis, Markella Stamatekou, Yiannis Stavropoulos, Stavros Tseniklides, Katia Palamas and Ilaira Giatroudakis, Marianna Redoumi, Maria-Nefeli Zikou, Kostas Kalfiotis, Avra Sotiropoulou, Nikolas Angelis, Konstantinos Kritikos (group participation), while the exhibition also features two unsigned works from the Museum’s collections belonging to in the section of the Alivizatu Donation with works from the Children’s Ward of the Hippocratic Hospital (period 1945-48) and in the section of works crafted in Northern Pakistan by children of the Kala tribe.

A few words about the Museum of Greek Children’s Art

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art was founded in 1994 and is a public benefit, non-profit Association, Legal Entity under Private Law, one of the few in the world that organizes exhibitions to highlight the uniqueness of Children’s Art both in Greece and abroad. The Museum of Greek Children’s Art is one of the few in the world that exhibits paintings and constructions by children aged 4-14. The Museum is housed in Plaka, Kodrou 9, extension of Voulis Street.
Its aim is to offer the possibility of getting to know Art from childhood through school programs, art workshops for children from 2.5-13 years old, seminars for teacher training, bilingual interactive games for individual visitors of any nationality.

His aim is also to show in the best possible way, that is, through his original exhibits which are the works of children themselves, that their visual imaginative universe is similar to that of adult creators.

Celebrating World Museum Day

The Tomato Industrial Museum hosts the specially designed educational program of the “20 + 20” exhibition, offering children the opportunity to watch it for free and get to know the treasures of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art, up close.

Responsible for educational programs:
Lydia Petropoulou, Art Historian- Visual Artist, partner of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art

Program dates: 21 to 23 May 2015

Duration: 75′ Cost of participation: FREE
Necessary or phone reservation: 22860/85141 cell: 6971828108

ADDRESS: Tomato Industrial Museum, Vlychada beach.