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9 stories in greek, gray and red

The modest organic shell of the Santorini Arts Factory, as it still holds memories, exudes images and smells and preserves traces of the toil and joy of those who inhabited it, keeping alive the economy and the social fabric of the island for many decades, succinctly dictated the title and content of the first visual exhibition in its central operating space.

The guest works of the nine important participating visual artists (Yiannis Adamakos, Dimitris Andreadakis, Angelos Antonopoulos, Andreas Georgiadis, Michalis Madenis, Panagiotis Beldekos, George Saltaferos, George Sampsonidis and Efi Fourikis) refer literally and metaphorically to the primary components of the place, the dominant white and the gray, but also the slight red of the tomato.

Sometimes functioning in the space catalytically through their monumental dimension and sometimes installed in it in the form of a small note or note. Sometimes listening to the neighboring splashes of water and sometimes transmuting into shape and form the captivating surrounding landscape of white, gray and fleshy luminous transparency.