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Contemporary Art Festival ORANGE WATER 3

Santorini Arts Factory (SAF) is honoured to host the international Orange Water Contemporary Art Festival during the summer 2017. As co-organizer of the festival, it will host in its venues art exhibitions and events from the 5th of June to the 8th of October, with free entrance.

The Festival constitutes a cultural bridge between Greece and Holland with exhibitions of painting, sculpture, video art and installations by renowned artists from Greece, Holland and other countries. In the current exhibition the following artists take part: Katonas Asimis, Tita Bonatsou, Apostolos Fanakidis, Efi Fouriki, Hansjürgen Gartner, Joachim-Lothar Gartner, Katerina Kaloudi, Evgenia Koumantarou, Henny van der Meer, Gert van Oortmerssen, Eva Petrič, John Sikking, Danae Stratou.
Curator: Apostolis Zolotakis

In the years 2015 and 2016 the Festival hosted the participation of 91 visual artists at 21 important art venues and museums, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Dutch Embassy. Orange Water 3 will initially take place in different places in Greece, starting from SAF, and will complete its course in the first half of 2018 with events abroad. This year it will include more fields of art, while it will collaborate with art platforms and associations such as Focus Europa (Germany), Bildrecht (Austria), t-short (Greece).

Reflections of Origin

The origin of human is common. This same origin applies not only to humans but also to their brain functions, perception and so forth. In a MRI image we can trace the exact activities and the place they take place in the brain. If, for example, we read the sentence «two cats walk in the yard», we can see this thought passing in our mind. If we look at this image or we read this sentence the result will be the same no matter which language we speak. The alphabet of the human thinking is universal. The mind has a common vocabulary. This does not mean that there are not any deviations in the way recipients perceive the same stimulus. This has to do with the psychological status of the recipient, his or her knowledge, even his or her emotional status at that given moment; this status will grant the recipient a personal touch of given experience. If this may happen to a recipient, something similar happens to the artist when he or she creates art. Artists, each one in his or her own technique, choose the way to reflect the meaning of a subject. In this exhibition, they manage to attach to the meaning of origin the spirituality lingering in a place; connecting it with the movement from a starting point to a destination; with the origin of certain performances in abstract geological formations; with its identification with the light; with the energy and science in the renowned CERN accelerator experiment of the Higgs boson; as well as with other conjectural proposals.

Apostolis Zolotakis


Orange Water is realized with the sponsorship from the companies
Νερά Σαμαριά, ANEK Lines, Blue Star.


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