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Exhibition Opening
Saturday, April 9, 2016, 18:00

Santorini Arts Factory presents the 1st Art Exhibition of artists who live and work in Santorini.

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Any exhibition or other similar cultural activity, which is related to historical or social events, acquires its full potential when it genuinely concerns the interest and the views of the audience to which is presented. Following this exact reasoning we approached the development of industry in Santorini, which unfolded through the years in direct proportion to the agricultural production and in inverse proportion to the rise of tourism. The strong presence of the industrial sector in the non-urban environment of the island led to an interesting creative co-relation of diverse social groups.
“Industrial” exhibition is hosted in a venue where its museum style was currently halted  and  is now transformed into a new setting with a different role: “Santorini Arts Factory”. The attribution of the topίc of the exhibition attempts to detect the size of the historical inertia  of preserved industrial  buildings, as well as to stimulate the process of collective memory. Each return to this kind of memory is unique and generates new memories and multiple representations of today. Al l these elements are now integrated in a touristic environment that has replaced the industrial economy and has created a corresponding production prototype. “Industrial” exhibition supplies and is supplied by materials and sensations, such as memories, and not only is limited in the simple narrative and the scenic environment of the specific place where it is hosted, but actively participates in the concept of the creative change of the historical memory.


Aggeletopoulou Afroditi
Antoniadis Cesarios Christos
Andreadaki   Άnjie
Asimis Κatonas
Asimis Christoforos
Asimis Marianna
Blazogiannaki Anezina
Eleftherakis Antonis
Fytros  Konstantinos
Galanopoulos Giorgos
Giannelos Yannis
Hitoglou Nikos
loannidou  Katerina
Karamolegkos Michalis
Kolaitou Eleni
Kouskouris Grigoris
Kirkoudi Grigoria
Mandilaras Emily
Mρatzolis Manos
Paraνas Vangelis
Oikonomoυ Maria
Rigopoυlos Nikos
Roussos  Vangelis
Taliadouroυ Marina
Tzortzoglou Fotini
Vlantonopoulos Yannis
Vlaνianos Michalis

Text editing: Μaria Vassarίotou