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Opening Saturday, 4th June 2016, 20:00, Vlychada Santorini


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Santorini Arts Factory presents the solo sculpting exhibition of Kelly entitled
“High Frequency Vibration”.

In this exhibition the artist presents for the first time in public the new collection entitled “Enthalpy” which consists of 12 sculptures and some works by earlier themes that the sculptor has dealt with. The 18 works on display are put together to create a harmonious atmosphere.
In her new collection, the artist deals with the issue of energy vibrations that she observes in the material and immaterial structures. Apart from any theological approach and with the axiomatic assumption of the Energy Conservation Principle-that the algebraic sum of all forms of energy present in a system remains stable over time, the sculptor examines the energy content of the volumes created through the relationship of Substance Non Substance. Metal sculptures of steel – the material that the creator shapes for her study- as thermodynamic systems, have- “Enthalpy” – to displace their environment and take over the position they are in. The structure, vibrates at a specific frequency and correspondingly affects the space around it. In this new collection, the sculptor moves from the familiar stylistic style of strict geometric shapes and sharp corners to pearshaped choroplastics constructions, waves and spirals. The forms are abstract and conventional representation is absent. With her sculptures, Kelly places man as a system at the core of his environment and leaves the viewer wondering about his personal vibration frequency.

The entrance for all visitors is free for the duration of the exhibition.
mobile: 00306972191855