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Curator : Maria Vasariotou

Santorini Arts Factory presents the new artwork of Yorgos Maraziotis, which is entitled “STILL”, curated by Maria Vasariotou.
After having presented his work “Night of the world” in Athens, New York and Thessaloniki, within the thematic of the project Removement, the artist intervenes in the warehouse No. 3 of the Tomato Factory D. Nomikos, by creating an impressive installation.
Maraziotis uses the entire warehouse space and, via his sculptural artworks, compositions of natural materials, silk screen prints and specific lighting, proposes a different perspective of Removement.
Furthermore, he investigates the possibility of the hypothetical coexistence of controversial concepts such as confinement and freedom, pause and continuous movement, the eternal and the instantaneous , the invisible and the visible.
By the optimal use of natural and artificial materials, such as inks, gold leaves, gypsum, coal, canvas and neon lighting and by drawing inspiration from the particular geographical character of the island, he creates works which are characterized not only by a duality of concepts but also by the constant denial of their apparent status. Textures arising from this treatment of materials, their actual materiality and their absolute chromatic quality “play” with the visitor’s perception and with his understanding of what he actually conceives.
To enhance even more this game of limits , the artist intervenes in the space by raising two extended walls and by accentuating the floor inclination. As a result the whole path, that the visitor is called to follow, unconsciously, is a physical experience.