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The logic of image

Spatial sketching
a SonicPlanet sound walking workshop, related to the art project Flyways

Spatial sketching involves the creation of a sound walk providing the composition of 3D soundscapes through body movement. We explore the practice of the Spaziergangwissenschaft / promenadology. Walking becomes, more than just aesthetical or scientific, in our approach, a quality of human beings improving awareness, making a new sense for the human kinetics, both in the landscape as in an urban environment.

GeertVermeire, DrSimonaVermeire. Dr Sinan Bokesoy

ON /Walking and Thinking /OFF
Horacio Wainhaus

Exploring walking in a playful way, while thinking, reimagining the simple act of walking and thinking simultaneously. Walking on the beach while reflecting on a short text. Sounds in open space mix naturally, allowing to compose a soundscape with the body.

Poems with math
Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya

Many people believe that mathematics and poetry are the subjects opposite to each other, and the poetry is a subject of free imagination. However, fascination for mathematics is not rare among poets. others have proven that the mathematics helps to create literary works very well.

I will read some poems that involve mathematics one way or another. Or maybe not mathematics. Or don’t involve. Try to guess while listening.


Υοu can participate at any time.