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The logic of image

Stefaan van Biesen, Geert Vermeire, Dr Simona Vermeire
Exhibition: photographs/ drawings-video-soundscapes installation: geolocalised 3D sound walk (indoors/outdoors)

Artistic interpretations intending to polarize esthetical and scientific meanings about the patterns created by dragonflies between water, earth and sky. In fact, the iridescence and ethereal motion reflected on the wings of the dragonfly becomes, in a synesthetic approach, a polyvalent artistic event and meeting place integrating bio-geometry, sound art and promenadology (the science of walking), all three disciplines focusing on the patterns of the energy, on biological level, sound vibration and traces of walking.


A Journey to the Lyrical Song
Trio Viaggio

A musical journey in the world of well-known melodies of the international and greek repertoire by an excellent trio accompanied by an amazing voice, with an emphasis on the French songs and cabaret songs of the middle of the 20th century.

  • Singing: Sofia Papadimitropoulou
  • Piano: Valeria Charitidou