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Τime slots In-situ Lighting Installation

Curator : Maria Vasariotou

Santorini Arts Factory presents the in-situ lighting installation Time Slots and the video art Removement of the visual artist Stella Bolonaki, curated by Maria Vasariotou.

‘Time Slots’ intends to create a visually ‘fluid’ scenery of the outdoor environment of Santorini Arts Factory, inclining towards the fluidity of the space and the works it hosts. Her artwork was designed in view of signifying and featuring the Tomato Factory ‘D. Nomikos’, as well as its integrating in the wider framework of Removement. The lighting of the designated industrial complex signals its historic revival, substantiates the place as the island’s landmark and cultural heritage while aspiring to offer a life experience and contact to the area’s inhabitants and visitors through the concepts of historic continuity, time pace, arrival, departure and alteration.

The video is inspired by the conceptual approaches and ideas which govern the visual art initiative. Concepts such as distortion, mutation, verification, redefinition, continuity, were turned into images. Images which are revived through an hourglass. Every image expresses a condition and every condition is the outcome, function or integral part of time.