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“Transparent Painting” Painting Exhibition by Kostantinos Fytros

diafani zografikiThe Tomato Industrial Museum “D. Nomikos”, will host from April 23, 2019 until Sunday, May 5, 2019, the exhibition “Diafanos” , a Transparent Painting exhibition of the artist Fytros Konstantinos.

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Transparent painting is not only innovative but also one of the few exhibitions that have been presented globally. Each move is circular and spiral in shape and corresponds to the way of the vineyards protection from the winds that are so strong on the island of Santorin that forced grapevines into a basket formation to protect grapes from the sand blows.

 diafani zografiki 5All paintings are full of life and the colors used are characterized by intense greenish-white color with light golden reflections reminiscent of the color of pomegranate, apricot, rosewood, mangoes, melon and banana. The color of jasmine and night flower will complete the intoxicating painting journey which is culminated in the idyllic seascape of blue and petrol. It is this explosive acidity, the fresh and the refreshing, the vivid spirit and the spiral forms that evolve through time and highlight the feelings and the soul of an artist from Santorini.

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Fytros Kostas was born in 1963 in Pyrgos Santorin and is a computer science teacher who apart from his research training activities presents his artistic works in painting, painted photography, animation and music composition. He works at the Ministry of Education and Research.

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