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On Sunday, July 13, 2014, at 11am, curator Mrs. Iris Kritikou will guide the audience in SAF’s exhibition halls, presenting the main exhibition under the title “White, Grey & a little Red” and introducing the artists that participate in the exhibitions to the visitors.

Another conducted tour will follow, this time by the internationally acclaimed photographer, Mr. J. Joshua Garrick, who will present his photographic exhibition titled “Seeking the Ancient Kallos”. Mr. Garrick will explain to the visitors both how the ancient Greek sculptures inspired him, and about the unique technic he used by printing his photographs on processed DiBond aluminum, which is responsible for the multidimensional effect of the final print of the pictures.

The exhibition has already been hosted at the Greek National Arcaeological Museum of Athens, at the Sismanogleio Megaron of Istanbul, and at the exhibition halls of the Greek Embassy of New York, US and Brussels, Belgium.