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Choreography: Stella Zannou, Performers: Alexander Carrillo Ahamda, Stella Zannou
Choreographic assistence: Olga Tzikouli,
Music: Pneumonoqaastric
Song: Zeimpekiko (By aeroplanes and steamboats) by Savvopoulos – Mpellou

A journey between 2 points. The concious and unconcious, past and present, wishing and wanting. Memories, wishes and hope blend together and the 2 points are so much interconnected that become one.

2Points has to do with the inner forces one has to discover and develop and in order to find the strenght to stand on his feet and make his voice be heard.

The duet premierd in Dock11 in Berlin in 2013 and was created with the help and support of the dancer Eldon Pulak