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For the past five years the Santorini Arts Factory has “produced” culture at the historic Tomato Factory “D. Nomikos” in Vlychada on the island of Santorini.

The cultural contribution to the island has been immense, outweighing the destruction of the landscape and the human urge to sacrifice everything in exchange for a quick profit from tourism.

Going against the current, the Arts Factory has shown visitors and locals alike that cultural activities of a high standard are still being produced on Santorini.

Being part of the audience at many of the truly successful events, I received a soul searching inspiration. Realising that the artificial night light of the colourful stage lights poised an intriguing yet challenging world I had to discover, that is in contrast to the natural sun light of the day.

It is exactly this unique sensation that I wanted to convey through the paintings. On the one hand as an artistic challenge and on the other capturing the magical atmosphere of the nocturnal landscape, bringing it to you through my art.

Ch. Asimis


Ch. Asimis was born and raised in Santorini. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and returned to Santorini to express his creative obsession and the sensibilities awakened in him by the Santorinean light and landscape.

His signature is synonymous to the uniqueness of his depictions of the island, and this is why he is known as “the painter of Santorini”.

The high aesthetic value of his paintings reveals the originality of his vision while since the beginning of his career he has dedicated himself exclusively to proudly representing his place of birth.

The artist also decorated the entire indoor space of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral at Fira with frescoes which are deemed to be exquisite specimens of Byzantine art.