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Α music night with Haroulis

Yannis Haroulis welcomes the summer with a series of concerts. This year’s musical journey begins with the personal discography of Yannis Haroulis, which established him as one of the most beloved artists of his generation and defined his special mark and authentic style on the music scene. Of course, the tradition of Crete will not be missing, which Haroulis always approaches with respect, but also with a mood for “play” and experimentation, preserving its essence, but also constantly discovering its hidden beauties. 

He will honor, as always, favorite songs of great lyricists and composers, which each time find a new way through the unique color of his voice. Tradition meets rock and the past of great creators and is bridged with the present of modern songwriters. 

All this through the Doric voice of Yiannis Haroulis, the sounds of his favorite lute and his sincere attitude towards the art of music itself, but also the world that supports and follows him. With unique materials, the most simple and primary, we will once again wander into the mystique of music and be flooded with emotion in a spontaneous musical feast of a large group that will start from the stage, Yiannis Haroulis and the musicians, and will embrace the whole people.