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Addio Addio Amore is a passionate and heart-breaking dance solo dedicated to Pina Bausch.  Daphnis raises a glass of wine in her honour, recalling memories from his travels presenting Pina’s work to the world, and inviting the audience in a soul-searching experience of the human existence.

His performance is a tribute to all those who love Pina Bausch, full of love, respect, humour, imagination.

Daphnis has spent the last twenty three years dancing with Pina Bausch.  Lately he became her assistant and became  responsible for the rehearsals  of Wuppertal Dance Theatre.  This is the first time he creates his own performance.  One and a half year ago he started assembling material for this performance.  He wanted to  extend his gratitude to Pina, he wanted to wave goodbye and feel her being still near him.  So he started collecting stories narrated by Pina, kinesiological material,  dreams he had shared with her, thus creating a truly exceptional and emotional  performance.

This is an expressive journey reflecting Greece, Japan, India, France, South America and, most of all, life itself.