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Alkinoos Ioannides “Small Suitcase” began its journey from the first day of its circulation last autumn.  It’s journey began in Athens, continued traveling to the rest of Greece and finally went abroad in a big tour throughout Europe. Now, the road brings Alkinoos and his colleagues back in Greece and Cyprus, for a series of summer concerts.

The programme consists of old and new songs, as well as imaginative musical adaptations. This exceptional approach, as far as music, sound and visuals are concerned, is the result of the group effort if all participants.

  • George Kaloudis (cello, lyre)
  • Manolis Pappos (bouzouki, lute)
  • Fortis Siotas (violin, viola)
  • Dimitris Tsekouras (double bass)
  • Alkinoos Ioannides (singing, guitar, lute)
  • Sound mixer: Vangelis Lappas, Vasilis Droungas
  • Lighting: Konstantinos Margas

Production: ATHYR