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Armenian Visit

After the great success of his performances in Athens, Phoebus Delivorias brings his new show to selected, open spaces throughout Greece and declares: No more formalities and false niceties: Phoebus Delivorias and his colleagues visit the Santorini Arts Factory and they intend on an… “Armenian Visit”!

On August 16, they will eat all the snacks, drink all the drinks, call all their friends for a game and, most importantly, they will not leave the stage with anything, unless everything old is reborn, unless everything is presented , what’s new, if what is worth celebrating is not celebrated and if a “convoy” is not sent to what is worth leaving behind us forever..

In the company of the well-known sufferers (Christodoulou on keyboards and Douvas on drums) they will once again stage a completely different show, playing well-known and unexpected selections from the songwriter’s discography, songs by others that he loves and brought up by the conversation, but also -for the first time- new songs, from the album he is preparing for 2014.

Keyboards: Kostis Christodoulou
Drums: Sotiris Douvas
Sound design: Yannis Petrolias
Production Organization: PROSPERO,