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ΑΤΤΙΚΑ Orchestra of Nocturnal Strings

The Orchestra of Nocturnal Strings was founded in 1993, by its conductor Aris Dimitriadis, and since 1997 has been under the auspices of the ERATO Musical Society.

ATTIKA is an established orchestra, with a repertoire similar to those of big international orchestras of the genre, that deal with music from over five centuries.
It is composed by A’ and B’ mandolins, mandola alto and tenore, mandoloncello, guitars, stand-up bass and piano or harpsichord.

ATTIKA has appeared in many concerts in Greece and abroad, such as the Festival of Religious Music of Patmos, the Greek School of Imvros, the International Festival of Sarayevo, and the Festival of Mandolinata of Kefalonia.

.Α’ Mandolin: Aris Dimitriadis
B’ Mandolin: Giannis Arvanitakis, Christos Mpregiannis
Mandola: Antonis Athanasopoulos
Guitar: Dimitris Koufogiorgos
Accordion: Dimos Vougioukas
Piano: Panagiotis Markos
Vocals: Katerina Rousou

Production Supervisor & Orchestra Assistant: Anna Psillaki