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Concert with Savina Giannatou and Eugenia Karlauti

Savina Giannatou and Eugenia Karlauti combine traditional songs from various countries of the world with timeless jazz standards as well as songs by Lena Platonos and Manos Hadjidakis. The range of the repertoire and the exciting interpretation of Savina Giannatou are uniquely developed on the canvas of the inventive musical arrangements of Eugenia Karlavitis. Jazz chords are mixed with the songs of the Caribbean and Lower Italy and songs of international creators succeed well-known songs of Manos Hadjidakis and Lena Platonos, which are treated atmospherically and personally.

At the same time, the interpretation of Eugenia Karlavitis, on par with great well-known jazz performers, fascinates with its specificity and authenticity, transporting us to the America of the 50s in a modern way. A different recital for two voices and piano, a musical conversation open to the euphoria of improvisation, which renews the essence of the songs and reveals new interpretive parameters.

Production Organization: PROSPERO,