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Dimitris Basis – Manolis Androulidakis “Nude Songs”

Recital for voice and guitar

A genuine folk singer, with passion and originality. One of the most important singers of his generation, Dimitris Basis meets with virtuoso guitarist and composer Manoli Androulidaki, in a demanding recital for voice and guitar. “Naked” songs, dressed uniquely in the voice of Dimitris and the guitar of Manolis, they compose and acoustic recital that will take us on a journey through familiar melodies of famous Greek composers such as Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Xarhakos, Manos Hatzidakis, Mimis Plessas, Giannis Spanos, etc. Audience member will have the opportunity to hear great songs, interpreted in both a modern and classic way, with the particular colour of the voice of Dimitris Basis, and to focus on the simplicity and the essence of the lyrics.

Dimitris Bassis and Manolis Androulidakis are traveling for a unique concert on Monday 30th of July at Santorini Arts Factory
Production: 360ο Entertainment