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Euripides / Ion / a version for two

While the sun is setting, young Ionas, the future leader of the Ionians, the Athenians, reaches the centre of the stage. He is exhausted and out of breath, while Kreousa, his mother, lurks. Gradually, our hero starts finding his voice, and realizing that he is in front of a crowd, starts narrating his ordeal.

Is this a play a comedy? Is this play propaganda? Or is it an attempt by the poet to invent the divine ancestry of the Ionian race and thus the Athenians, justifying the Athenian conquest of the Aegean Sea?

Performed under natural light and sound similar to antiquity.

Translation-Direction: Ioli Andreadi
Adaptation for the stage: Ioli Andreadi & Aris Asproulis
Costumes & Set: Dimitra Liakoura
Constructions: Periklis Pravitas
Assistant Director: Athena Mitzali
Photography: Panos Michail
Actors: Konstantinos Bibis & Dimitra Chatoupi

Aliki Markantonatou will perform live the Ancient Greek Lyre.