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JAZZ MATAZZ sounds fluctuate from the traditionally American and French swing, to dynamic blues, always jovial, loud and uncompromising! They arrive in Santorini, more colorful than ever, for the most dynamic and unique concert of the summer, which is complemented by swing dancers and ends in a wild party for all!

  • Clarinet-lap steel guitar: George Koutras
  • Harmonica: Iakovos Krokos
  • Piano: Nikos Drogosis
  • Vocals: Maria Vasilopoulou
  • Vocals-guitar: Pavlos Katsivelis
  • Drums: Dionysis Konstas
  • Double bass: George Kokkinaris
  • Dancers: Evi Akrivou, Anais Karkali, Lambros Tsirogiannis, Antonis Charoulis