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George Nanouris adapts and directs “Katerina’s Book” by Auguste Corteau.  Lena Papaligoura performs the leading role and Lolek  accompanies her live on stage. George Nanouris also participates in the performance.

“It was my son who found me, on Friday dawn, five days before he celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday.  He realized that I was dead, although nothing had changed in the space around.”

The performance is about the true story of the writer’s bipolar mother Katerina who has just committed suicide and begins to narrate her tragic life.  Her chaotic reality consists of pain, medicines, pills, her husband, her son, love, hate, homosexuality, self-sarcasm, humour, suicide attempts.  She tries to cope with her bipolar disorder and compulsively attaches herself to anyone available, bringing her whole family down  with her.

This performance, with the director himself participating in it, is a unique experience for the audience.  The excellent text has been uniquely directed, touching the heart of the viewer, preserving a sensitive balance.   Lena Papaligouras’ performance is one of the most exceptional of this year’s theatrical performances.