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Lahana and Hahana By Tasos Ioannidis

The Odos Theater and Selina Productions, after the successful run of the show LAHANA KAI HAHANA THE MUSICAL for 3 years in Athens and one year in Thessaloniki, continue with the summer tour throughout Greece. So young and old can enjoy a great theatrical proposal. The songs of Tasos Ioannidis, which the children already know and love, smart, funny and sweet songs, which in addition to their educational usefulness are also very entertaining, were the trigger and the basis for the performance “Lahana aki Hahana The Musical”. Tasos Ioannidis wrote the original play and with the collaboration of choreographer-director Apostolia Papadamaki, they created a unique musical theater performance. A modern and topical musical with action, imagination, laughter, joy and song, with characters very familiar from the everyday life of children and other fantastic ones, taken from the world of dreams.

The show deals with two “seemingly” opposite poles: Art and Technology, and how they collide or converse during the learning process. Because when we turn what we want the child to learn into a song, it acquires color, becomes a game, becomes an emotional experience. Then the memory “gives in” to the learning process and works in an “evergreen” way, with indelible colors.

Fatoulidas is the absolute Lord in Lahanohahachora! A childhood prank resulted in him losing his beautiful voice and unable to realize his lifelong dream of becoming a lyric singer. This became an occasion for him to hate children and set a goal in his life to take revenge!
A “mutated” mobile phone gift to every school child in Lakhanohahanahora was the way he chose to lure the children into his trap. This brought a lot of bad things, for the children and for the school of Lakhanohahanochora. Children have stopped loving learning and are only occupied with their mobile phones.

The three little heroes of the play, Hachanenia, Lachanidas and the youngest of the group, Atsidas, will try to find a solution to the problem and ensure with the Lachanomnimonio ( “memorandum of this country”) that they draw up that their country will be filled with schools, art and humanity. The Fairy of “Laughter and Joy” will suggest they search the “Valley of Nightingales” for the “Multi-Colored Vegetable”, which has… magical properties.
With a smile and a song on their lips, the three heroes, along with nine actors/dancers/musicians, take us on a magical journey, sometimes in the world of dreams and sometimes in the current reality of technology. Will they be able to find the balance of these two opposing worlds so that technology serves their creative imagination? We’ll see! The “Sing and Learn” method will become the magic key. Children discover that with art as a vehicle and especially with song, the learning process becomes a game! … Will they manage to convince the adults 

Text – Music: Tassos Ioannidis
Direction – Choreography: Apostolia Papadamakis
Lyrics: Paulina Pamboudi
Orchestration: Kostas Ganosellis
Scenery: Athanasia Smaragdi
Costumes: Ioanna Tsami
Illustration: Vanessa Ioannou
Lighting Design: Katerina Maragoudakis
Video: Apostolos Nikolaidis
Assistant stage designers: Maria Karlou, Theoni Kostoglou
Starring: Palmyra Dimitrakopoulou, Angelos Roussos, Yannis Tsotsos, Antonis Hachoumis
Lyric singer: Yiannis Ketikidis
Dancers: Panagiotis Kalantidis, Despina Kapoulitsa, Maria Stefanou, Eleni Chrysomalli
Thomas Harelas – Paulina Harel