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LEMON – theatrical perfomance

19:00 Departure from Athinios Port, 19:15 Departure from the Old port
How to see a play on a Ferry-Boat?

On Sunday 29 July, the ferry connecting Santorini with Thirasia is transformed into the steamboat Virginian. In an innovative play, the ferry becomes a theatrical stage, where the story of 1900, a great pianist that was born on a ship and never set foot on land, unfolds. The site-specific play Lemon continues its course, making a stop at the port of Santorini. An adaptation by Director Georgia Tsagkaraki, and production of Experimento, two actors joined by a piano, travel around Santorini, stopping in different places, because the theater exists where the audience is. “Passengers for Santorini please start getting ready…”

The play:
1900 is a boy that never grew up. He learned to express himself through musical notes, avoiding every conflict in his life. A friend became part of his subconscious, and became part of his story. A musician friend, who approached him with more courage that the rest of his co-workers and co-travelers. He entered the monologue and turned into a dialogue.
The two friends, accompanied by a particular piano, play the music of Ocean, bringing to the surface everyone’s existential anxiety: Am I in a good place? Or do I need to go somewhere else and discover new things?

They play the role of the people that 1900 met in all the years he spent on the ship. The ship that gave birth to him, raised him, and killed him.

1900 had never set foot on land.
And yet, it was as if he had seen everything.

Lemon- A play between land and sea
Based on the poetic monologue “Novecento” by Alessandro Baricco.
Follow the journey of this peculiar story!

The crew:
Director-Cover: Georgia Tsagkaraki
Translation: Stavros Papastavrou
Scenography: Natasa Tsintikidi
Costumes: Kelly Stamatopoulou
Sound Design-Recording: Lefteris Douros
Light Design: Maria Athanasopoulou
Photography-Trailer: Charis Germanidis
Scenery: Thomas Marias
Production: Experimento

Participating actors: Melachrinos Velentzas, Giorgos Drivas